Creating the next generation of face-to-face interactions

We are building an innovative platform to make every bar, coffee shop, and outing an opportunity for love, friendship, and professional relationships. Meetsy is an exciting and new approach to help create genuine and authentic relationships built on in-person interactions and commonalities.



Redefining how you socialize in the twenty-first century


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Your privacy & personal information are protected


In-all encryption ensures that all your personal information is secure. Meetsy prides itself on being the safest way to meet others in the 21st century by integrating technology to ensure safe in-person conversation and privacy.  

Similarities Based

Create genuine relationships built on core similarities. Initial conversations brought up by mutual interests rather than endless small-talk. Design to create genuine and long-lasting relationships.

High-End Integration

Integrated into the platform is seamless sharing of all social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. Bring genuine face-to-face relationship  to online platforms with a tap of a finger.


Unique real-time hyper-localized matching technology completely eliminates the need for hours of swiping. The interface works in the background to notify you of quality interactions.

User Interface

Science-based design to craft the most luxurious and seamless experience for the user. Dynamic and modern user interface with a synthesis of the best qualities of today's social networking platform.

AI Based

Integrated machine learning technology to create personalized and adaptive platform to conform to the users preferences and desires.



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The Meetsy team is a passionate, supportive, and growth-oriented group, driven by the future and the potential it holds. We welcome outreach from those who are ambitious to create the world we all envision.  



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